domingo, 2 de marzo de 2008

The Hollywood Remixes (1991) (2 CDs)



1. Liar (Remix by John Luongo and Gary Hellman)
2. Ogre Battle (Remix and Additional Production by Nicholas Sansano)
3. Seven Seas of Rhye (Remix and Additional Production by Freddy Bastone)
4. Stone Cold Crazy (Remix By Micheal Wagener)
5. I'm in Love With My Car (Remix by Mike Shipley)
6. You're My Best Friend (Remix by Matt Wallace)
7. Tie Your Mother Down (Remix By Matt Wallace)
8. Somebody to Love (Remix by Randy Badazz)
9. We Will Rock You (Remix Ruined by Rick Rubin)
10 Fat Bottomed Girls (Remix by Brian Malouf)
11. Bicycle Race (Remix by Junior Vasquez)


1. Dragon Attack (Remix By R.A.K. and Jack Benson)
2. Flash's Theme (Remix by Mista Lawnge, 9.5)
3. Body Language (Remix by Susan Rogers)
4. Radio Ga Ga (Extended Version)
5. I Want to Break Free (Extended Mix)
6. One Vision - Extended Vision
7. Scandal (12'' Mix)
8. Keep Yourself Alive (Long Lost Re-Take)
9. Mad the Swine (Previously Unreleased)
10. See What A Fool I've Been (Original B-Side)
11. I Go Crazy (Original B-Side)


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